Killer-Press helps you to tell your story


1. Storytelling:

I’m a storyteller. I write your story emotionally mixed with the exact amount of keywords for SEO and SEA.

Efficiency writing translates to easier stories on the web. Homepages, blogs, articles, sales pages, interviews, background stories.

2. Knowledge

I know the European market, especially the German.

Every new market needs a different strategy. I am one of the most connected persons in business. I can find your strategic partners and help you to build your team.

3. Business

I’m a business generator.
You don’t even know sometimes what possibilities are in your company. But I do. We will create some killer business ideas.

4. Coaching / Speaker

I love to share my knowledge with you. Especially all kinds of Social Media tools/channels, blogging, blogger relations and how to grow your channels. I offer also online training (leadership and staff), assistance or one by one. You can book me also for your conference/convention.

5. Team

I have the perfect staff for your needs.
Why paying people or services you don’t need? Exactly it makes no sense. I have good, super skilled and experienced team working with me only when I need them – or you.

Storytelling is an art and we are the artists.

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Every story is different. Let us tell your story. We know how to do it.