Let your Social Media Channels rule the world

Claudia Scheffler-Perrone - Social Media Coach

1. Social Media Coaching / Workshops

We love to share our knowledge with you. Especially all kinds of Social Media tools/channels, blogging, blogger relations and how to grow your channels.
We offer online training (leadership and staff), assistance or one by one workshops.
We help you to find the best way through the Social Media Jungle. Your perfect sized way.We offer Social Media Brainstorming, Social Media Analysis, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Concepts, One-to-One Training and much more. The advantages are huge. We look deep inside your company or your Social Media Agency and tell you how you can optimize your visibility and your strategy. Every business needs Social Media and good Social Media will make money out of your business. Schedule a time to talk or book directly. We will come to your company and show you some of the possibilities. We are specialized in companies, but we do a lot of coaching for public figures (actors, athletes, celebrities, artists..) too.

2. Corporate Blogging:

How about increasing your sales by posting good content? How about 97% more links to your website? What do you think of 65% more leads? Corporate Blogging is one of the best ways to promote your business without spending too much money. But you have to know exactly how to do it. We are doing this for many companies and we have all the experience to let your company grow.

3. Knowledge/Storytelling

We are storytellers. We are Journalists, PR/Marketing and Social Media specialists. Our team comes from different branches like sports, lifestyle, fashion, beauty and travel.
We write for magazines, authors, small and large companies. We know the European market, especially the German.
Every new market needs a different strategy. We are one of the most connected companies in the business. We can find your strategic partners and help you to build your team.

4. Business Strategy / Trends

We are business generators. We are trendsetter. We know the trends before they come.
Sometimes you don’t even know what possibilities are in your company. But we do. We will create some killer business ideas.
Building a Social Media presence is just the beginning. Social Media has to be a part of your business. Everything changes so fast and sometimes Businesses need to improve and innovate their Social Media Strategy. We have helped many business all over the world to grow and to develop new ideas. We can give you advices, tips and insights in the new methods and markets.

5. Speaker

Claudia Scheffler-Perrone is an experienced keynote speaker. She has been invited to speak on different conferences internationally. She is specialized in Social Media Marketing, Journalism, PR and Business of Blogging.
“She is super skilled and is able to answer every question. But most importantly she has the capacity to capture every person in the room with her knowledge and her charm.”  Comment from one of the organizers.  

“Who exactly seeks out a Coach? WINNERS!”

Chicago Tribune

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Every story is different. Let us tell your story. We know how to do it.