Why Corporate Blogs?

Corporate blogging makes a different. A huge difference. Did you know that most people on the Internet trust more blogs than any other source?

Companies who blog acquires more customers and generate more leads (about 67%).



Corporate Blogging is one of the most inexpensive ways to promote your business.


You have the control of what you write and what you want your customers to read about you and your business. You can prevent crisis and you can promote new products. You can explain how you do your business. You have the power.

Show yourself

You can show people who you really are. Where your products are made. Or how you treat people in your company. You can stand out for what you are. And all that can be written and showed in a very interesting way.

Credibility and trust

Establish dialogues with customers – no monologs. Customers will trust you and your credibility will increase.

Search engines love you

Oh yes, Google and other search engines will love your content. If it’s written in the best possible way. SEO is one of the interesting words. But don’t forget that you will have real readers who are going to visit your blog.

So easy! Can I do it myself?

Of course you can.

But unfortunately many don’t have enough experience in corporate blogging. You will need a plan. You have to know what will work on social media and you also have to know exactly what your customers and potential customers are interested in. Besides the fact that putting some words together doesn’t make a good text.

Writing is just one step in blogging. Promoting is another very important step. At what time does it make sense to share it on Twitter or Facebook. Is Google+ dead?

So yes you can do it by yourself. But probably you will not have the success you are looking for. 

That’s the reason why you should hire experts like me. You will learn a lot and maybe after a few month you are able to do most of the things by yourself.