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We don’t just have a Blog. We created a community.

As you have probably already read about the Corporate Blog – a blog is not a simple site where you put together some stuff, it’s a community. A good blog is much more. You have to create content that attracts your readers. It has to be outstanding to survive in this world full of blogs. Claudia Scheffler-Perrone started blogging in 2013. To be successful as a blogger you have to know how to build a community, how to engage your audience and you have to know everything about social media.

Social Media changes so fast especially the algorithm of Google, Instagram or Facebook.

Because of that you have to be flexible and always ahead with that tools.

Knowing this we can help our clients perfect with their own blogs. We gained so much experience that we are ready to give our knowledge to you.

Do you want to create your own blog? Do you want to be more successful in blogging? Or do you maybe just want to know how it works.

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