Why us?

Why would you need us? Because we are writers. We are storyteller. We think creatively, we play with the language and we love the art of writing.

There is so much to say about you or your company. But sometimes you just need to put it in a story. We make it emotional.

It starts with the Homepage. What can I write about myself? What makes my product or brand so special? What is the difference between me and my competitors? What makes me unique? What can I write into my newsletters that will keep the reader reading?
You can have 1000’s of good qualities but the most important thing is – to communicate that correctly.

Nobody really gets attracted by PR or Marketing texts.

If you do your business outside Germany and you would love to get into the German market you need to tell your potential new clients why they should choose you. In Germany everything is different. You can’t just translate your site and that’s it. You have to put more into your story. You have to make it more emotional. Think of yourself.

Why would you choose one brand over another?

Most of the time it’s a feeling. Maybe the sympathy about that product of even the person behind the brand.

We help you to create your story with Video or Text. 

Who are we?

We are Blogger, Journalists, PR Specialist, Computer geniuses, Photographer, Filmmaker.

Fashion & beauty, communications, travel, lifestyle & wellness.

Killer Press has lots of Experts working together.

We develop a unique strategy for each client. You can book the hole package or you can choose a specific service that we will tailor to your current needs. If you are looking for a firm with great expertise, you are absolutely in the right place. Killer Press can provide you with the best options possible.

We offer flexible service to both new and established companies. We deliver crucial local knowledge. Multinational clients depend on us to translate messages across cultures and in local markets. We create the tools and destinations to foster the relationships that get people talking.

We are probably completely different from everything you have experienced so far. We are “out of the box thinkers” with lot’s of expertise.

We also help out clients to find the right direction. We create your unique story which includes – Image, Branding, Communications.