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We don’t just have a Blog. We created a community.

As you have probably already read about the Corporate Blog – a blog is not a simple site where you put together some stuff, it’s a community. A good blog is much more. You have to create content that attracts your readers. It has to be outstanding to survive in this world full of blogs. Claudia Scheffler-Perrone started blogging in 2013. To be successful as a blogger you have to know how to build a community, how to engage your audience and you have to know everything about social media.

Social Media changes so fast especially the algorithm of Google, Instagram or Facebook.

Because of that you have to be flexible and always ahead with that tools.

Knowing this we can help our clients perfect with their own blogs. We gained so much experience that we are ready to give our knowledge to you.

Do you want to create your own blog? Do you want to be more successful in blogging? Or do you maybe just want to know how it works.

Take a look at nonsoloamore. You may like that one too.

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Christmas in Egypt

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Holidays in Egypt If you just want to break your Christmas tradition and celebrate Christmas elsewhere, you should definitely consider Egypt. This is definitely another kind of holiday vacation. Egypt attracts many tourists every year. In recent years, however, the country has suffered greatly due to the many incidents. However, since Turkey is no longer […]

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Panama City Beach / Florida


Stand-up Paddling,very good food and lots of fun in Panama City Beach, Florida. Traveling was always my passion. My parents always use to say that I can’t live without traveling. And that is absolutely true. I would die! Since I’m having my blog it gives me the opportunity to see new and spectacular places. To meet […]

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Business Class with Turkish Airlines


I did fly a few times business class with various airlines and this time I had the opportunity to fly with Turkish Airlines. By plane to Egypt My journey went to Hurghada the Watersports Festival. I had already written about my diving adventure. The route was Hamburg – Istanbul – Hurghada. Hamburg – Istanbul – Hurghada Already at […]

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Antalya – between culture and party


A very popular destination in Turkey is Antalya, the 2,200 year old city is on the south coast. The first thought is certainly a relaxed beach holiday with doing nothing. Sure, you can do that it’s great here, but the city has a lot more you have to see than only the beach. With over […]

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Short trip to the Cruise ship in Hamburg


Cruise ships have a very special atmosphere. Over the years, cruise ships have developed into regular floating hotels. You can find everything there, what you have on land. I made a little detour to the port of Hamburg and visited one of the ships very closely. And which of course? An Italian ship. Costa Pacifica. Was it […]

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