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We don’t just have a Blog. We created a community.

As you have probably already read about the Corporate Blog – a blog is not a simple site where you put together some stuff, it’s a community. A good blog is much more. You have to create content that attracts your readers. It has to be outstanding to survive in this world full of blogs. Claudia Scheffler-Perrone started blogging in 2013. To be successful as a blogger you have to know how to build a community, how to engage your audience and you have to know everything about social media.

Social Media changes so fast especially the algorithm of Google, Instagram or Facebook.

Because of that you have to be flexible and always ahead with that tools.

Knowing this we can help our clients perfect with their own blogs. We gained so much experience that we are ready to give our knowledge to you.

Do you want to create your own blog? Do you want to be more successful in blogging? Or do you maybe just want to know how it works.

Take a look at nonsoloamore. You may like that one too.

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Sweden and wilderness – between design and outdoor activity in South Sweden


Sweden, that’s my childhood. Midsummer night, Swedish cheesecake, walks through the rocky terrain and my dad, who wants to see moose and photographically capture them. And these endless lakes, where you can jump in anytime and anywhere – for free. During a blogger trip in early April, I had the opportunity to get to know […]

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Berlin in a different way – you have to experience these locations


Berlin, the capital of Germany, a melting pot of cultures. Nowhere else in Germany do I speak as much English as in Berlin, get to know interesting people and their Berlin way of life. Every time I’m here, I bring my special list with me. My friends in Berlin are looking forward to discovering something new. […]

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Vegan breakfast treats for Easter and spring


Some people will moan again that felt shortly after Christmas and sometimes wintry weather now eaten at Easter again unrestrained. Between lamb leg, chocolate egg and Easter lamb cake one loses since already once the overview. Since not every one of us fasted fasting in Lent, today I introduce you some years of tried and […]

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72 hours in Copenhagen


It’s about 9 am and disillusionment is spreading because I find that the coffee, which is even recruited on posters, is not a café within the ferry from Puttgarden over to Denmark. It is simply a coffee machine that uses reputable coffee beans. My husband buys a pomegranate cider at the ferry tax-free shop because I told about […]

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Sport is dangerous …


and the most incredible lie. Advertising Sport is definitely not a murder, unless, of course, you do reckless sports. But that’s the exception. I used to be a sporty muff. However, I was always on the road and had so much exercise. A few years ago (getting older) my back started to […]

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