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Corporate blogging makes a different. A huge difference. Did you know that most people on the Internet trust more blogs than any other source?

Companies who blog acquires more customers and generate more leads (about 67%).

Reach the right people! Become more visible as an entrepreneur, expert, or brand. Try to find new ways in recruiting.

Use new platforms to get your dream job. Generate real new customers and prospects in a simple way. Without cold calling.

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The seminar contents:

Professional profile and appeal to the right audience. Direct more leads to your profile and website. Competitive advantages over competitors. Basic or Premium. Right wording. Marketing and storytelling techniques. Working with media - texts and videos. Lead generation. Job search on LinkedIn.<br /> Job offers on LinkedIn. Customize your CV. Create interesting profile for recruiter. Groups<br />

target group

Specialists and executives from HR, marketing and sales, agencies, self-employed, managing directors, managers, public figures.<br />

This benefits your team:

You have the control of what you write and what you want your customers to read about you and your business. You can prevent crisis and you can promote new products. You can explain how you do your business. You have the power.

Hard Facts:

Best platform for a professional marketing. Over 70% of users outside the US. LinkedIn ranking high on Google. The only true business platform worldwide.

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