Blogs, Social Media and Blogger Relations

We have a very strong Blog and extraordinary good Blogger Relations.

Social Media has many different faces. We will help your organization to build a social environment framework. Social Media helps to increase sales by promoting a product or service via social media platforms like FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedInPinterestInstagram and others. You will reach more people and create awareness for your products or services in social networks.

All this different channels need to be served in different ways. You can’t just put the same message in every Social Media channel. It won’t work. Definitely not. Especially if you are looking to become interesting for the German market. You need to know exactly how. Unfortunately many don’t know that.

We do because we have a very successful blog and we need to serve every channel with the right message. We are up to date with the new and the old market.


There are different ways to blog. There is a company blog where you can communicate with employees and/or customers. It is also a low cost alternative for small business owners. We help you to create the right Blog for your Company.

And there are also „the other Blogs“.

The key to online success is the connections you build with the right people. This is what we can provide. We can help you grow your business better, and faster. Good Bloggers can attract a large audience. 90% of consumers find custom content useful.

Blogger Relations

Blogger Relations are very important. Knowing the right bloggers will help you to increase your visibility. It will also help to build and/or support your image. It is so important to know how to communicate with blogger. And who would be better than „a blogger“?

Only people who know how blogs work and how it is to be a blogger can understand the bloggers. And this is very important because only in this case you can establish a long term relationship that will help your brand.

We also give Online Coaching about that kind of communication.

Some of our services are:

•Writing and/or editing website, company profile and newsletters and all other marketing material

•Corporate blogging

•Manage or even build your social media account(s)

•Consulting (social media, strategy, content)

•Online courses for you and your company

•Conference speaker