Claudia Scheffler-Perrone – Keynote Speaker

Claudia Scheffler-Perrone is a well known Keynote Speaker. She knows how to bring her passion into every story she speaks about on stage. She is the owner of Killer Press. Born in Bremen (Germany) but native Italian. More than 18 years in international PR and Marketing, together with her many travels, her Blog and her work as a Journalist build the base of there expertise.

She coaches and consults athletes (soccer and golf player), anchormen, companies, influencer and also TV Stations on how to optimize a Social Media Strategy and to build and communicate an image via different channels.

With her workshops in team building, Social Media and Digital PR she helps companies and entrepreneurs to develop a better and a more successful strategy.

Speaker from Killer Press on Vimeo.

Her Expertise talks for herself. But she is able to capture the moments and brings the audience into another world.

Every presentation brings the audience an added value.

She speaks about everything around Digital Marketing – Social Media, PR and Marketing.

Her knowledge goes also into Sports Marketing. Some of her successful talks are:

„How to convert your fans into leads“

„Why Sports Clubs and Athletes need a new Social Media Strategy“

„How to optimize your Social Media Strategy and get more Sports Fans“

„How to archive a new Fan Target Group?“

„Better Image, more Sales.“

And more…

She is an entrepreneur and knows that being a woman in this business is not always easy. That’s why she also speaks on many women business talks and conferences. How she made her dream and passion come true.

If you want her to talk on your stage, send us an email:

Some quotes from the audience

„Short and Compact summarized. Everything you need to know to present your business successful Online.“ Jona Barth

A really informative and educational presentation. Personally this one had provided me more information that some weekend seminars I’ve visited. In half an hour I really learned a lot about Digital Marketing and PR and how to use Social Media as an Influencer.“ Bettina Roesner

Wow, this presentation really flashed me. The special topics as well as the manner how it was presented. She is definitely a real highlight on stage and everyone was fascinated. We liked to hear her talk.“ Marco Henschel

„Incredible presents, unbelievable passionate, mixed with so much expertise. The presentation was very sympathetic, fun and so interesting.“ Anna-Lena Schmidt