Online Training


Online training – 13 week program

In this workshop you will receive practical tools and tips on how to become a strong communicator who connects and wins over people quickly, easily and effectively.
You gain more control over your speech, your facial expressions and your demeanor in general. It will help you feel more productive and efficient and develop a better feeling for yourself and others.
Confidence is just part of it. Confrontation and criticism are also topics that you will take lightly in the future.Live Training

Management style and feedback

A perspective on leadership from Harvard Business School professors Anthony Mayo and Joshua Margolis.
Imprint : The way a leader is experienced by those they work with and lead
Functions : The practices a leader uses to mobilize their peers and get things done
Motivations: The desire, incentive, or stimulus that drives a leader to do things a certain way
As a manager, you cannot communicate with everyone in the same way. You have to adapt to the circumstances without losing yourself. A high level of emotional intelligence, empathy and, in particular, staying relaxed in challenging situations are a good start. Employees want to be motivated and valued. But how do you do that without coming across as weird?Online Training

Online Training – Crisis Communication

Crises of all kinds have enough common elements to create a comprehensive contingency plan that puts your organization in a strong position. Planning and preparation are key to effective crisis management and communication.
The question is not “if” a crisis will occur, but simply “when”. Obviously, some industries are more vulnerable than others, but every organization is at risk.
In an era of rapid globalization, economic growth and technological innovation, you must be prepared for the unexpected. Caught up in fast-moving events, it can be difficult to see a way forward. It can be a crisis that erupted internally or externally – a crisis caused by major accidents, terrorist attacks or natural disasters. In other cases, there can be unintended negative impacts on an organization’s reputation through bad behavior by its employees or poor decision-making by managers.Crisis Communication Training

Media Training

Media Training can make you look natural and authentic in front of any camera. It will help you to present yourself in meetings and TV Interviews.

You will learn

  • How to use your voice in TV, Online Calls and Podcasts
  • Dealing with Media and Journalists
  • The importance of social media
  • Key phrases and communication tools to talk effectively
  • How to prepare for Interviews
  • How to promote success stories
  • How to control crisis and communicate in those situations

Online Live Training

Communication & stage performance

Being a key public speaker requires inner confidence, the control of fear, and the ability to share ideas with clarity and passion. Working with a public speaking coach is a life changing experience. Basically, it doesn’t matter whether you are present in small meetings in zoom calls or in groups, or whether you are directly on the big stage. We’ll help you with the techniques that experienced trainers do before every good performance.
It’s about building and nurturing relationships while laying the foundation for a new way of working. It’s also about confronting difficult truths, finding common ground, and pushing forward new ideas that change perspectives. Inspirational leadership communication is about having the courage to express yourself powerfully and authentically, listening carefully and speaking in a way that people want to hear, and giving them strong reasons to follow you and buy your products/services . to trust you.Online Training

Web Design

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