Take part in a special program for business executives who aspire to redefine their leadership image and take their standing to the next level. Collaborate closely with Claudia in a series of high-level coaching sessions over the course of six months. Obtain important understanding into how others view you at the workplace. Discover the shortcomings of your current personal brand and explore why you are not being seen in the way you desire to be seen. Get strategic direction and support to motivate you to reconstruct yourself with lucidity and assurance.


Have you come to terms with your individual brand? Whether or not you like it, you have one. The real questions are: Have you created it, or have other people’s opinions generated it for you? During our executive coaching sessions, we often have these conversations. Incorporating your leadership qualities into your personal brand will hasten the growth of your leadership influence and accomplishments. Some clients recognize promptly the value of a personal brand, while others find it off-putting. If developing a personal brand makes you uneasy, you may be misunderstanding what it is.
My Clients are not only Executives but also Professional Athletes (such as Soccer and Football Players, Olympia Gold Medal Winners, Golf Pro and more), TV Presenter, Journalists, Actors

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I have special Coaching Programs for Professional Athletes and Sports related figures.

Claudia Scheffler-Perrone was voted from the International Business Awards as EXECUTIVE COACH OF THE YEAR 2022 Claudia Scheffler-Perrone was 2022 voted as one of the TOP 10 Personal Branding Coaches from Magazin STRIVE. TOP 10 PERSONA BRANDING COACHES

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