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Do you want to know more about Social Media Marketing?
Do you know everything about Blogging and Corporate Blogging? Sure..?
Are you interested in LINKEDIN?

LinkedIn and SEO

“Show your face, attract attention, inspire people!”


LinkedIn is the largest careers network in the world. As an entrepreneur, use the potential of the provider for leads and new customers or, as an HR professional, find the employees you have always wanted!
The LinkedIn career network is one of the most useful job search and customer acquisition portals worldwide. You know the problem: In addition to your other social media profiles, LinkedIn just floats away or you’ve been thinking about signing up for a while. Then the time has come! Whether it’s a new job, more customers, or finding new employees, LinkedIn is the business platform for your industry too.
You love what you do – and you should show that as a decision-maker in your industry! Become more visible as an individual personality or as an HR professional put your company in the foreground.
Professional profile
This is how you make your LinkedIn profile serious and attract the attention of decision-makers, headhunters and potential customers.
Storytelling on LinkedIn
Tell her personal story
Job search and customer acquisition on LinkedIn
Use the careers network to find the job or customers that really suit you!
Search engine optimization for more success in the job and business!
Hardly any measure can give the digital presence more momentum than a clever and sophisticated SEO strategy. Anyone who shows up as a professional on his own website can make many adjustments to be found and contacted by headhunters, contractors, employers, prospects and potential customers. Anyone who has expertise in their industry and starts to show it, in the end we can win more and better customers for themselves. We give you a detailed guide on how search engines can help you and your business to be more successful!



Would you like to dig deeper into Business of Blogging?
Should I make my own blog? How do I get to Blogger? What to pay attention to? How do I get readers on my blog? Does a company blog make sense at all?
PR work is not foreign to you?
But how do I use PR profitably for my business? PR has changed a lot in recent years. What are the trends? What is storytelling and how do you do it?

Who will read the blog?:

•existing/prospective customers



•potential employees


•business leaders, institutions, associations, etc.

First steps:

•developing an emotional connection with readers

•establishing the company as an expert

•exchanging information with customers, partners and competitors

•achieving higher rankings by generating more traffic

•raising company visibility

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Every 2-hours workshop will focus exact on one of your chosen topics (Social Media, Blogging). You can decide what is really important for you and which skills you need to develop.
Every Skype Workshop is a 1:1 workshop with an expert. You can ask questions and tell us your learning needs.

This workshop is absolutely geared to your needs.

What do you learn in the workshop?

Strategy and planning
Content and design tools
Target group analysis and correct addressing of the readers
customers generation
Out of prospective customers
PR, recruiting, market research
Dialog instead of monologue
Dos and Don'ts
Blogger Relations / Influencer
High ranking on Google
Content creation
editorial plans
Internal links
Pictures, Videos, Podcast
Bad Links - what is it and how do you avoid that?
Google search criteria `{`semantic search and other factors`}`
SEO software, WordPress, Google Analytics and more
Optimal content (high ranking on Google)
Keyword Research
Content structures
Crawling & Indexing
Landing Pages
Speed of the page
SEO concept