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Social media – visibility for companies

There are many ways to increase your online presence as a business. Whether it's an organization's Facebook page or in your own LinkedIn section The question then often becomes, but how? Because as varied as the possibilities are, the ways and the channels that go with them are just as confusing. Am I doing this the right way? Am I already using my full potential or is there more? This workshop is all about understanding the channels and finding the right strategy for you and your business. Because in social media, there is no template. Everything is very precise and individual. At least if you want to use it profitably.

What you learn:
Which channel suits my business
How do I use this channel
How do I create unique content
Company page or your company profile optimization.
How to review competitor social media profiles and what to look for.
Social management tools – which ones and is it useful.
Texts, #hashtags, keywords, videos, audio, photos.
Digital presence

Copywriting – make an impact

No matter whether you are an executive, employee, manager or self-employed. Texts determine our lives these days. You need to learn proven formulas or techniques that persuade customers, get the message across, and maintain the right tone. Psychology, writing skills, technique are just the beginning. Hand in hand with marketing.

What you’ll learn:
Understanding Audience – Print vs Online
Writing digital content
Analyze, develop and productive improvement techniques
Structure and style
Localizing areas for development
Writing general texts (employee letters, mails, LinkedIn & Co)
Develop and communicate key messages

Employer Branding

Who does the best advertising if not the employees of their own company? An employee shares and shows what makes his company so special, so great. The specialist and manager becomes the company's brand ambassador. Hardly any advertising manages to bring out as much emotion and authenticity as the employee. This is communicated to the outside world via digital media. Not only do the company's own employees prefer to stay with the company, potential new employees are also attracted. Better applications on the table, less money spent on job ads, more targeted approaches. It saves a lot of time and money. Glassador says 69% of applicants wouldn't take a job with a company that has a bad reputation.

What you learn:
Company image analysis
Target audience analysis
Potential brand ambassadors
Onboarding programs
Strategy and planning
Brand communication / brand image
External and internal communication

Media Training

You will have the opportunity to practice in front of a camera. Or we focus on microphones like podcasts, audio. We are professional journalists and presenters who are in front of a camera or microphone on a regular basis. You will learn how to act, how to perform, how to answer tricky questions, and how to regulate your voice and tone. You will master every media interview situation.

What you will learn:
Introduction to journalism
Preparation for public appearances (face-to-face and online)
Tone of voice and body language
Interaction behind the screen
Training self-confidence in front of the camera
Lights, camera, action: the secrets of camera readiness
Rules during crises

Personal Branding for Team Leaders

Personal branding shows trust, emotions and the uniqueness. Not only of the person, but of the whole group. Good personal branding creates more visibility. It helps customers to perceive the person better. You need to find out what makes you so unique, what makes you stand out. Maybe some people say that there is nothing extraordinary about them. But in our sessions, people often experience great surprises. Because each of us has something special. We work that out and bring that to the forefront. Your company will do everything it can to promote you. The strongest brands radiate something. Authenticity. That's exactly the authenticity your personal brand needs. These days, we're inundated with information and are now pretty good at recognizing what's fake.

What you learn:
Develop goals
Building a personal brand and corporate brand
Developing a communication strategy
Earning trust, building confidence
Branding statement
Creating visibility
Profile optimization


Storytelling - telling stories. But storytelling is much more. It is a skill that can be learned and used to positively change your impact in communication. Through proper storytelling, you inspire and persuade others. With the right story, you send messages in a way that resonates with others and is positively remembered.

What you’ll learn:
What is storytelling?
How to actively use storytelling in the media and in your job
Communication guidelines
From reading, writing and telling
Story structure
Emotional journey
Tools, techniques – whether for presentations or performances

Not interested in any group session?
Don’t worry. There is always a possibility for individual coaching.