Personal Branding

Personal Branding
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What do I need that for, I’m only employed anyway? / So far, I’ve been doing quite well without having to present myself as a person. / My products work for themselves, so I don’t need any extra personal branding. / I hate putting myself in the spotlight. It feels kind of weird. / As a CEO, I don’t need to position myself separately. Everyone knows who I am.


Times have fundamentally changed and are challenging society, politics and companies. Personal branding is the key to presenting people as strong personalities and building trust. Traditional marketing focuses on creating an identity for products or brands, while personal branding emphasizes the identity of a person or company and presents it authentically to build trust and identification. It’s about showcasing your personality rather than staging it.

Why personal branding is important and why you should learn what suits you:

1. personality makes the difference: products and services are interchangeable, but people and their trust are not. A professional personal branding strategy highlights the differences from the competition.
2. Trust is crucial: Why do we choose certain service providers like lawyers, hairdressers or doctors? Often because of the trust we place in them. Personal branding can be used to build trust and thereby build a loyal customer base.
3. outward effect: every mood, attitude and gesture reflects you, whether you like it or not. It is therefore important to be aware of your outward impact and build an authentic image.
4. visibility and awareness: personal branding increases the visibility and awareness of freelancers, self-employed and entrepreneurs. It also makes it easier for clients to find them and enables strategically smart and business opportunities:
5.Personal branding can also benefit employees by showcasing their strengths and values, thereby enhancing their career opportunities. For employers, it can also help employees get to know the company better and be beneficial for collaborations and customer relationships.

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